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Henry Lamotte Management 2019

from left to right: 
Hermann Bosse, Harald Schiff, Nicole Lamotte, Henry Lamotte, Otto Lamotte, Lutz Bittner (until 01 September 2019).

Henry Lamotte Services GmbH

Supporting the group of companies with commercial, shipping and infrastructure services.



After 35 years, Lutz Burkhard Bittner will end his successful work at Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH on 1st September 2019 and begin a new phase of his life. Over the years he has always been in a leading position and shaped the growth and expansion of our company. In 2006 he was appointed Managing Director and had the overall responsibility for our company together with Otto Lamotte and Hermann Bosse for 13 years.


This year, the important colour and flavourings business (in the past part of Henry Lamotte Food), has been swiftly integrated into the business unit of Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH. All production processes are now part of the Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH portfolio. Henry Lamotte Food GmbH is maintaining it’s focus on trading and supply-chain solutions.


n the second half of the year Hermann Bosse moves to the Board of Management at Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH.


Hermann Bosse became Managing Director of Henry Lamotte Food GmbH and at same time managing partner of the corporate group.


On September 11th, 2015, the Henry Lamotte Group celebrated its 90-year history with a staff outing to Bremerhaven – a seaport town on the German North Sea coast. We are proud of the continual growth of our group over the past last 90 years, of our dedicated employees, and of our excellent longstanding business relationships with customers and suppliers. With all this in mind, we are already looking forward to our centennial celebrations.


In the spring of 2012 Hermann Bosse, a nephew of Otto and Henry Lamotte, became a partner to Henry Lamotte Food GmbH. He is the fourth generation of the family to be active in the group’s operations.


HENRY LAMOTTE realigned its company structure. The business units „Oils“ and „Food“ were spun off into two independent companies, and since 1st October 2006 these have operated as HENRY LAMOTTE OILS GmbH and HENRY LAMOTTE FOOD GmbH. The companies’ shared functions are supported by HENRY LAMOTTE SERVICES GmbH, ensuring that, through close bonds with the markets, all business partners receive the greatest possible benefits. Otto and Henry Lamotte remain the company shareholders.


In 1999 the company moved into completely new business premises in Bremen and laid the groundwork for further dynamic development.


The company was renamed Henry Lamotte GmbH; its main shareholders were Otto and Henry Lamotte.


Henry’s son, Hans Henry Lamotte, took over management of the company. After Germany’s recovery the company was able to begin working towards achieving its current position.


Severe war damage had a dampening effect on an otherwise steady growth.


Bremen-born businessman Henry Lamotte founded the company Henry Lamotte Import/Export. The company traded mainly in vegetable and fish oils, and developed continually until major damage during the war put an end to this period of growth.