Code of Conduct

Our Guiding Principles

Mother  Nature  endows  humanity  with  foods  in  great  variety  and  from  every  corner  of  the  world.  We  deliver  these  reliably  to  our  customers  in  Germany,  across  Europe  and  beyond.  This has been the nucleus of our mission and our passion since 1925.

We  are  a  family-owned  business  in  the  Hanseatic  tradition.  Since  the  days  of  our  founder  Henry Lamotte our philosophy has been the continuous creation of structures that are built to last. Therefore we view all resources as instruments to be used and not to be depleted. We view our customers, our suppliers, our service providers, our own work, all material and financial means, and especially Nature’s resources, as fundamental and irreplaceable origins of value and these remain precious to us.

We see the international food industry being confronted with serious challenges of sustaina-bility. In the coming decades our society will have to define itself by providing a rapidly-grow-ing world population with healthy food based on sustainable food systems. It is our ambition to work proactively towards solutions and to be a leading agent of change within our markets. Together with our trusted business partners we are on a quest for new paths. Above all, we have the conviction that the challenges in front of us also provide a multitude of mutually-ben-eficial opportunities. 

Through international trade we enjoy the diversities of the world and learn to develop mutual understanding from one person to another and between different cultures. However, a fair balance of interests will always be the main requirement and we will continue to stand up for this belief in the future by emphasising that “free trade must be fair trade”.

Code of Conduct