Social Commitment

We support BORDA's commitment to social projects in the field of water and waste water

Even today the availability of clean water in many regions of this world cannot be taken for granted. Lack of infrastructure and technology, in the countryside as well as in the mega cities of developing countries are big challenges. Over and above this, according to experts "water" will be the main theme for the coming decades; besides climate change and threat to biodiversity it will become the major social challenge to be mastered. Our company's business depends substantially on the agriculture in the origins and it is of high interest to us to enhance the responsible dealing with water resources. Therefore we support the Bremen based non-governmental organization BORDA (Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association) with a major financial donation and we plan to set up common social projects along our supply chain. (more..)

Our donation to earthquake victims in Indonesia

The region surrounding the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia was afflicted by several devastating earthquakes and tsunamis in September and October of last year. We have donated a large sum of money to the Hilfswerk Ostasian, a non-profit relief organisation founded by the East Asiatic Society of Bremen. The donation will go to a locally organised project in the city of Palu. (more...)

Going to work by bicycle - biking for worthy causes

In the spring and summer months we encourage our staff to cycle to work. For each kilometre cycled, our company donates € 0.05 for a good cause.

This year, the donation goes to the "Bremer Engel" initiative, a mobile family aid for severely ill children and their relatives.

Donation for NABU project “Meere ohne Plastik” (Oceans without Plastic)

In March 2019 we provided the “Meere ohne Plastik” project with a donation. The money will be used to clean beaches along the German North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts. The project requires rubbish grabbers, work gloves and waste bags as well as signs, information stands and placards to communicate the importance of keeping our oceans free of plastic.

The last year's Christmas donation went to German Diabetes Relief – People with Diabetes

The Christmas presents presented to us were raffled during our Christmas party as part of a raffle. The company has increased the proceeds and donate a certain amount of the German Diabetes Aid. The objective of this non-governmental, non-profit organisation is to improve the lives of diabetics in Germany. They advocate the interests of diabetics in the public domain as well as advise the government, health insurers and medical practitioners. In addition, the organization fosters diabetes self-help and support groups